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Upated 2019.05.28

     Welcome to Passive Income Counsel where I, your host GP or Min, write about my attempt at financial independence through passive income streams and work. You will find me rambling about all sorts of remotely related subjects along the way.

     I am hitting my mid-thirties and currently live in Los Angeles. As such, my expenses are high. Fortunately, I am a non-traditional worker in that I operate my own small business and also contract myself out for work. I make enough to live comfortably and invest a little.

     My pursuit of financial independence will hopefully involve Dividend Growth Investing principles as well as other non-traditional investments and pursuits. I've found that relying on just the stock market, although "safer" than other investments, can be a little conservative to reach the numbers I would be striving for ultimately. As I'm still relatively young, I'm prepared to take some risks to increase my income streams earlier rather than later. Having dabbled in DGI in the past, and being an avid reader of many bloggers doing the same, I hope providing some insight into my journey can ultimately enable others to also pursue their dreams for financial independence.

     Welcome and Enjoy! =)

I’m NOT a registered investment adviser, investment professional, brokerage firm or investment company. Readers are advised that information on the website is issued solely for information purposes and not to be construed as an offer or recommendation to buy, hold, or sell any securities. All information, opinions, and analyses included are based on sources believed to be reliable, but no representation or warranty is made concerning accuracy, correctness, timeliness, or appropriateness. Please consult with an investment professional before investing any of your money.

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