Monday, December 2, 2019

November 2019 Portfolio Report


After further market research and scouting of other writers in this particular niche, I will be tweaking the layout and design of my articles for improved viewing pleasure.

November 2019 Summary:
  • November saw a positive gain of approximately 4% from all equity positions. This does not include additional cash infusions into these positions.
  • $66.33 was received as dividend income in.
  • $423.74 has been earned Year-To-Date.
  • New positions in CTSH, SBUX, NEE, EPD.
  • Divested position in CALM.
It's been almost one year since I re-resumed my investing journey. Soon I will be able to compare by year-over-year growth. Although my portfolio is not as robust as I had set my goal to, I am assured that I will soon be entering a new decade better than I began the last. As we enter the final month before the new decade, I wish greater health and fortune for myself and you all! Now onto my dividend income breakdown for this month:


(T) AT&T: $7.49

(CVS) CVS Health Corp: $9.67

(ABBV) Abbvie Inc: $36.61

(HRL) Hormel Foods Corp: $2.53

(O) Realty Incm Corp Reit: $3.50

(CTSH) Cognizant Tech Solu Class A: $1.60

(SBUX) Starbucks Corp: $4.93

Total: $66.33

All Dividends Reinvested.

Other Investments (Current Value)

RealtyMogul: $1,467.32

Fundrise: $10,308.87

Portfolio Recap:

I realize from reading my report that it can be hard to get a general overview of all of my investment assets so here is a summary. I'll try and work it into the meat of the report in the future. Here it is with a brief explanation:

$21,107.42 - MoonieDiv Portfolio: 

This holds all my traditional equity/stock positions. The majority of these positions follow the DGI spirit. I transfer a minimum of $1,000.00 into this account every month with the intent of investing those funds forthwith. Additional funds are invested into this account when I see an opportunity or have a surplus in cash holdings.

$2,111.86 - Robo Portfolio:

I invest $100.00 per month into this portfolio. This portfolio is "robo-advised" by Schwab Intelligent Portfolios and I use it as a baseline to compare how I am doing against AI.

$1,467.32 - RealtyMogul:

The current value of my investment into RealtyMogul, an eREIT fund. I deposited an initial position of $1,250.00 on June 29th, 2017. That comes out to about a 17% return over 2.5 years. I do not plan on adding additional capital here, but I am reinvesting the monthly dividends back into the account.

$10,308.87 - Fundrise:

The current value of my investment into Fundrise, another eREIT fund. I invested a total of $10,000.00 from May to October of this year into this investment platform and have reinvested all dividends. I am a bit more enthusiastic about this platform than RealtyMogul but have no plans currently to add additional capital other than having dividends automatically reinvested. I was recently offered a chance to invest in the internet IPO of the parent company but decided not to at this moment.

$1,729.00 - Trailer Rental Income:

The current amount I have received as rent on my trailer rental business since March of this year. I invested $5,000.00 into this business which I don't expect to receive back. I planned on earning a 30-40% return on my investment annually. I'm currently on track but the trucking industry in California has been decimated by USA/China trade wars and the enforcement of old and new trucking laws here. I don't believe my returns next year will be as great and these funds cannot be reinvested at the moment.

Ending Thoughts

I will be tweaking the layout of these reports as I work on improving my writing and design skills. Although I don't plan on making a living writing articles, it is something I enjoy doing at times. As I improve I plan on submitting future posts on a variety of sites if the opportunity arises. But those are thoughts for another day.

Happy Holidays and Best Regards!

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