Monday, November 4, 2019

October 2019 Portfolio Report

The screenshot says it all (almost!). September was a good month in terms of both capital gains and dividends.


Here are the dividends paid out last month:

BFB   - $ 3.16
PEP    - $ 7.70 (this was paid out 2019.09.30 but reinvested 2019.10.01)
MO    - $ 19.32
PM    - $ 14.04
FRT   - $7.55
OXY - $24.86
O      - $ 3.49

$ 72.42 - Total Dividends Received (not including PEP)

In addition, I have been inserting $1,100.00 in new capital every month at the minimum to further develop my portfolios. In September, I added another 14 shares of ABBV to my portfolio at $75.03 per share. $100 was added to my robo-advisor portfolio which currently has a value of $2,004.73. My current total exposure to the stock market from both portfolios stands at $21,563.57.

*Other Investments*

Fundrise account sitting at $10,235.11. RealtyMogul at $1,457.73. No current revenue in my rental business.


Only two months remain in 2019 and I'm genuinely surprised that I have continue to post on a "regular" basis. Looking back at my resolutions/goals, I will probably not hit $50,000.00 in Net Worth (not including cash for emergency fund and expenses). I do have some non-reserved cash on hand if any attractive investing opportunities arise. I was offered an opportunity to invest in Fundrise's iPO. I'm leaning towards not investing as that money would be more of a sunk cost until Fundrise as a real IPO on an exchange somewhere. Still debating though.

Well, until next month!