Monday, September 30, 2019

September 2019 Portfolio Report

The screenshot says it all. Added a new position in IBM and deepened my exposure to ABBV. IBM represents my first investment into the "tech" sector and I hope to expand in that direction if I can ever find value in the sector.


Here are my dividends in August:

$  7.38 - T
$  9.58 - CVS
$13.91 - ABBV
$  2.52 - HRL
$  3.46 - O
$  2.16 - SBUX

$39.01 - Total Dividends Received & Reinvested


As of today, valued at $10.163.20. As stated previously, I will not be increasing my position for the foreseeable future. As a side note, Fundrise is very good at providing updates and interesting views into the positions that you as an investor is vested in. Definitely makes you feel much more like an involved owner as opposed to just a passive investor (although that is the case.).


$1,455.91 currently. My prior updates on RealtyMogul were incorrect as they were listing my invested amount rather than the actual current value.

*Rental Business / Other*

Currently receiving $0/mo. in rental income from my rental business as the China/US trade wars have a put a severe dent in the Southern California trucking industry.

*Net Worth*

I've decided not to update my net worth every month as it fluctuates greatly based on my cash flow that month. I'll update when I hit significant milestones.

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  1. Love seeing those dividends roll in especially from a portfolio that shares quite a few common names with my holdings. I'm still light on tech but have looked into AVGO and INTC and MSFT as potential candidates. We'll see where I pull the trigger. Thanks for sharing.