Wednesday, August 7, 2019

July 2019 Portfolio Report

July ended a few days ago, and the market landscape has changed alot, but this report is about July.

Here's a snapshot of my portfolio:

With all the buys I have been initiating, my portfolio is tougher to post as one pic. I'll have to figure out a way to display it better and I'm always happy to hear suggestions. The platform I use is Schwab and taking screenshots have been the easiest way to display my information (so far).


I listed all my July buys previously so I'll just announce my dividends here. All dividends are automatically reinvested if at all possible. Here they are for July:

$ 3.15 - BF/B (Brown Forman Corp Class B)
$ 7.28 - FRT (Federal Realty INVT TR REIT)
$13.42 - OXY (Occidental Petrol Co)
$32.56 - MQBKY (Macquarie Group LTD)
$ 3.45 - O (Realty INCM Corp REIT)

$59.86 - Total Dividends Received ($27.30 reinvested)

My largest haul so far, mostly due to the MQBKY dividend. I sold my interest in that stock as Schwab did not let me automatically reinvest those dividends and because dividends were issued twice a year instead of quarterly. Not a bad dividend though!


As mentioned in my previous post, I've added to my capital contribution into Fundrise to a tune of $10,000.00 total. I don't plan on adding additional capital other than from reinvested dividends as Fundrise is a bit illiquid and I may be purchasing a house or other real property in the somewhat near future (2-4 years). My Fundrise account is currently valued at $10,052.73. I've gained an estimated $51.08 in dividends and capital appreciation since my June update.


Currently at $1,472.17. Will not be increasing my position here as it is like Fundrise and not that liquid. I prefer Fundrise.

*Rental Business / Other*

Receiving my steady $225/mo. As long as my renters keep renting this number shouldn't change. The current cash available is $1,504.00, which does not include my $5,000.00 initial investment. I don't consider the $5,000.00 as a liquid asset or even the true value as (1) capital depreciates, and (2) it's not easy (not impossible) to resell the equipment.

In addition, something I haven't mentioned before is that I have a variety of checking accounts which give me interest at a higher rate than "normal" checking accounts. My account at Parson's Credit Union provides me with 3% interest on the first $10,000.00. I haven't taken full advantage since I try to invest my cash quickly, but will probably be maxing out that first $10,000.00. The remainder of my cash position will probably be put into my SoFi account which provides me with around a 2% interest rate. Mind you these are checking accounts and not savings accounts which is very convenient for me as I dislike having to maneuver cash around so much just to take advantage of interest rates. The easier the better and high interest-bearing checking accounts are preferable to slightly higher interest-bearing savings accounts.

*Net Worth*

Although not the most accurate, Personal Capital shows my net worth to be $18,065.83 with $24,443 in assets and $6,378 in liabilities. The majority of the liabilities are at 0% interest.