Monday, July 8, 2019

June 2019 Portfolio Report


My second report of the year, with some significant additional funding to jump-start my monthly passive income growth. June was a swingy yet ultimately positive month for my portfolio, although I don't think the optimism can continue. Whether the stock market does fall sharply or recess, I'm excited to see what value I can find to add to my principal. I am currently creating strong positive cashflow through my work so I'm always looking for "value"able positions to inject additional funds in.

As of the end of June 2019, here are my holdings:

As you can see, the value of my stock portfolio is now $11,330.89, and increase of $1,283.45 from my last month's total of $10,047.44. I did transfer another $1,000.00 into the portfolio which was used to invest in another position, but the combination of increasing prices and dividends did net me $283.45. Let's hope next month also positively reinforces my portfolio!


In June 2019 I introduced one new position into my portfolio in Archer Daniels Midland Co (ADM); 24 shares at a cost basis of $961.59 which comes out to $40.07/share. Just rounding/diversifying my portfolio. The plan this year is to inject at least $1,000.00/mo. into the portfolio.

Dividend Income Update:

I had four companies pay me out in dividends to the tune of $32.18. All dividends are automatically reinvested.
  • $6.71 -    JNJ
  • $3.43 -    O
  • $14.40 -  CWENA
  • $7.64 -    PEP

Other Passive Income:


My investments sit at $1,001.65. My principal investment into this platform was $1,000.00 in May 2019. All dividends are automatically reinvested and my current allocation is geared towards income.


My investments sit at $1,426.01. My principal investment into this platform was $1,250.00 in June 2017. All dividends are automatically reinvested.

Rental Business

Reduced my stake in my rental business, but the income stayed consistent. I started this business in March 2019 and I currently have invested $5,000.00 in the business and received an additional $225 of income in June. My current income balance is $1,279. Current estimated ROI is 54% per year as long as no additional expenses occur. Unfortunately the nature of this business are occasional expenses so I anticipate my ROI to be in the 30%-40% range. So far I'm ahead of schedule!

Current Net Worth:

Last month's net worth I approximated to be around $8,735. Work has been going well and I have definitely been spending less than I earn. My current net worth is ~$18,370 with $26,685 in assets and $8,316 in liabilities. Once again, the large majority of my liabilities I am paying 0% interest on.


Hope everyone's June was also positive and I'll be back with another post before the end of July (I hope). Until then...

Best Regards!

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