Wednesday, May 29, 2019

May 2019 Portfolio Report and Introduction

After a long while of not posting, here is my first monthly report. Since it's the first report, let's begin with a broad overview of my current assets/holdings.

General Overview:

I am currently finishing up my base foundation in my DGI (Dividend Growth Investing) portfolio and other passive income pursuits so that there is at least a minimal level I can report about.

As of today, here are my stock holdings:

I've invested a total of $10,000.00 in seed money into these holdings, the cost/basis include automatic dividend reinvestments and fees. The platform I use currently is Charles Schwab as its easy to use and their customer service is in my opinion unparalleled. For comparison, I am investing an additional 10% of what I invest into my DGI holdings into another account managed by Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, which is their robo-advisor. I have the settings for that account set at most aggressive (so less than 6% held in cash). The current value of that account is $1,003.09.

As you can see, my stocks are somewhat diversified, but I have gaping holes in certain sectors which I will try and remedy within the coming years.

Stock Portfolio Update:

In May 2019 I added new positions in Starbucks Corp (SBUX)(6 shares at a cost basis of $456.37), Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM)(14 shares at a cost basis of $1,011.92), Pepsico Inc (PEP)(8 shares at a cost basis of $1,026.04), and Brown Forman (BFB)(19 shares at $968.88).

I fully closed positions in Macquarie Group (MQBKY) and Bluebird (BLUE). BLUE was a speculative holding that did not pan out and was not consistent with DGI principles. MQBKY did not allow automatic reinvestment of dividends which I insist on in any DGI strategy.

Crowdfunding Update:

I also made a $1,250.00 investment into RealtyMogul in June of 2017. The current value of that investment (with auto-reinvestment of proceeds) is currently $1,416.41.

I also initiated a $1,000.00 investment into the Fundrise platform this month. The current value of that investment (with auto-reinvestment of proceeds) is somehow negative at $999.15. Not quite the auspicious start I was looking for. Be aware that these eREIT sites have holding periods in which they will not pay you out your entire amount that can last years before investing into these accounts. I will get some sort of pay-off if you do sign up for Fundrise from my link above. In the form of fee reductions, but please stand disclosed.

Dividend Income Update:

My first reported dividend income comes from three stocks for a total of $20.18.

  • $7.26 - T
  • $9.50 - CVS
  • $3.42 - O
Not too bad, right?

Alternative Passive Income:

I am always on the lookout for other passive income avenues as well. I recently have entered into the equipment rental business which looks rather promising currently. Although not quite a "passive income" business, the time I spend on it is less than an hour a week. I have currently invested $7,000.00 into the business and am receiving $225 dollars of income per month. The current return is much better than the stock market but is of course much riskier. The biggest risks in this business is the depreciation of the equipment purchased and maintenance of the equipment. I estimate that my ROI per year will be around 30-40%.

Current Net Worth:

Almost 100% of my net worth is currently invested as I work and receive sufficient income to pay for all my expenses and to invest with. Currently, my assets are valued at $14,977.56. This does not include my capital investment into my equipment rental business as that is not easily liquidated and is currently depreciating. It also does not include my main bank account holdings for my daily expenses but does include the cash holdings in my investments accounts. My liabilities are currently at $6,242.00. The majority of this debt is from a $5,000.00 loan current at 0% APR that I used to fund the equipment rental business. The rest of the liabilities are paid of every month so that I make minimal interest payments. My current net worth is $8,735.56.

I hope everyone is having a great month and may June be even more in your favor.