Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Ruminations and 2019 Resolutions

Another year of goals/resolution I hope to achieve. Some are more easily accomplished than others. I find including a mixture of easy to reach and hard to achieve resolutions results in at least a happier conclusion to the year.

2019 Goals:

    • $50,000.00 Net Worth
      • $20,000.00 in "stocks"
      • $5,000.00 in non-traditional investments (eREITs/crowdfunding, etc.)
      • $15,000.00 in non-traditional small business investments
      • 10,000.00 liquid for emergencies + investment opportunities.
    • "Passive Income" of $750/mo. from all investments.
    • Earn $60,000.00 in traditional small business income.
    • Take home $100,000.00 in income.
    • Weigh under 180lbs. through a combination of diet and exercise
    • Comprehensive physical check-up including blood test
    • Consistent physical activity a few days a week.
  • INTELLECTUAL (Success would be to accomplish 1 of the below)
    • Apply and be accepted to teach as adjunct faculty anywhere.
    • Apply and begin masters/PhD program in a desired area.
    • Write 50 pages of a fantasy/wuxia/xanxia novel.
    • Learn/take classes in programming/coding/website development.