Monday, November 4, 2019

October 2019 Portfolio Report

The screenshot says it all (almost!). September was a good month in terms of both capital gains and dividends.


Here are the dividends paid out last month:

BFB   - $ 3.16
PEP    - $ 7.70 (this was paid out 2019.09.30 but reinvested 2019.10.01)
MO    - $ 19.32
PM    - $ 14.04
FRT   - $7.55
OXY - $24.86
O      - $ 3.49

$ 72.42 - Total Dividends Received (not including PEP)

In addition, I have been inserting $1,100.00 in new capital every month at the minimum to further develop my portfolios. In September, I added another 14 shares of ABBV to my portfolio at $75.03 per share. $100 was added to my robo-advisor portfolio which currently has a value of $2,004.73. My current total exposure to the stock market from both portfolios stands at $21,563.57.

*Other Investments*

Fundrise account sitting at $10,235.11. RealtyMogul at $1,457.73. No current revenue in my rental business.


Only two months remain in 2019 and I'm genuinely surprised that I have continue to post on a "regular" basis. Looking back at my resolutions/goals, I will probably not hit $50,000.00 in Net Worth (not including cash for emergency fund and expenses). I do have some non-reserved cash on hand if any attractive investing opportunities arise. I was offered an opportunity to invest in Fundrise's iPO. I'm leaning towards not investing as that money would be more of a sunk cost until Fundrise as a real IPO on an exchange somewhere. Still debating though.

Well, until next month!

Monday, September 30, 2019

September 2019 Portfolio Report

The screenshot says it all. Added a new position in IBM and deepened my exposure to ABBV. IBM represents my first investment into the "tech" sector and I hope to expand in that direction if I can ever find value in the sector.


Here are my dividends in August:

$  7.38 - T
$  9.58 - CVS
$13.91 - ABBV
$  2.52 - HRL
$  3.46 - O
$  2.16 - SBUX

$39.01 - Total Dividends Received & Reinvested


As of today, valued at $10.163.20. As stated previously, I will not be increasing my position for the foreseeable future. As a side note, Fundrise is very good at providing updates and interesting views into the positions that you as an investor is vested in. Definitely makes you feel much more like an involved owner as opposed to just a passive investor (although that is the case.).


$1,455.91 currently. My prior updates on RealtyMogul were incorrect as they were listing my invested amount rather than the actual current value.

*Rental Business / Other*

Currently receiving $0/mo. in rental income from my rental business as the China/US trade wars have a put a severe dent in the Southern California trucking industry.

*Net Worth*

I've decided not to update my net worth every month as it fluctuates greatly based on my cash flow that month. I'll update when I hit significant milestones.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Schwab's New Investment Income Feature

This is my first report that is not entirely about my income and investments. I'd rather highlight the new Schwab Investment Income Feature which is geared towards DGI investors like myself. I have not been paid or compensated for this post or for any post on this blog.

Here's a screenshot of the Investment Income View with default settings:

As you can see, this new view makes it very easy to see the progress of your dividend income through the year and in prior years. There is an option to view your estimated income for the following 12 months as well.

The view separates every month into income derived from interest and dividends. You have the option under the settings button to dictate which accounts (if you have multiple accounts like myself), are included in the view.

It eliminates some of the needs of a separate spreadsheet to track month-to-month dividend income and allows you to export the information into spreadsheet format for further modifications for the tech-adventurous.

I'm happy to see that I've earned income to the tune of $267.54 year-to-date, with the vast vast majority of it being dividend income that I automatically reinvest. I can expect to earn an estimated $186.04 for the rest of the year. That number will go up as I continue to add positions into the market. I'm also very happy to see that I expect to make $744.14 in the next 12 months.

All in all, a simple but great addition to the Schwab brokerage platform. I've been very happy with the services that Schwab offers including a great checking account with easy to use mobile banking as well legendary customer service when you call. It's refreshing to hear a real human voice when there are questions or issues with your accounts. Another great feature from Schwab and something that will keep me a loyal client for the foreseeable future.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

July 2019 Portfolio Report

July ended a few days ago, and the market landscape has changed alot, but this report is about July.

Here's a snapshot of my portfolio:

With all the buys I have been initiating, my portfolio is tougher to post as one pic. I'll have to figure out a way to display it better and I'm always happy to hear suggestions. The platform I use is Schwab and taking screenshots have been the easiest way to display my information (so far).


I listed all my July buys previously so I'll just announce my dividends here. All dividends are automatically reinvested if at all possible. Here they are for July:

$ 3.15 - BF/B (Brown Forman Corp Class B)
$ 7.28 - FRT (Federal Realty INVT TR REIT)
$13.42 - OXY (Occidental Petrol Co)
$32.56 - MQBKY (Macquarie Group LTD)
$ 3.45 - O (Realty INCM Corp REIT)

$59.86 - Total Dividends Received ($27.30 reinvested)

My largest haul so far, mostly due to the MQBKY dividend. I sold my interest in that stock as Schwab did not let me automatically reinvest those dividends and because dividends were issued twice a year instead of quarterly. Not a bad dividend though!


As mentioned in my previous post, I've added to my capital contribution into Fundrise to a tune of $10,000.00 total. I don't plan on adding additional capital other than from reinvested dividends as Fundrise is a bit illiquid and I may be purchasing a house or other real property in the somewhat near future (2-4 years). My Fundrise account is currently valued at $10,052.73. I've gained an estimated $51.08 in dividends and capital appreciation since my June update.


Currently at $1,472.17. Will not be increasing my position here as it is like Fundrise and not that liquid. I prefer Fundrise.

*Rental Business / Other*

Receiving my steady $225/mo. As long as my renters keep renting this number shouldn't change. The current cash available is $1,504.00, which does not include my $5,000.00 initial investment. I don't consider the $5,000.00 as a liquid asset or even the true value as (1) capital depreciates, and (2) it's not easy (not impossible) to resell the equipment.

In addition, something I haven't mentioned before is that I have a variety of checking accounts which give me interest at a higher rate than "normal" checking accounts. My account at Parson's Credit Union provides me with 3% interest on the first $10,000.00. I haven't taken full advantage since I try to invest my cash quickly, but will probably be maxing out that first $10,000.00. The remainder of my cash position will probably be put into my SoFi account which provides me with around a 2% interest rate. Mind you these are checking accounts and not savings accounts which is very convenient for me as I dislike having to maneuver cash around so much just to take advantage of interest rates. The easier the better and high interest-bearing checking accounts are preferable to slightly higher interest-bearing savings accounts.

*Net Worth*

Although not the most accurate, Personal Capital shows my net worth to be $18,065.83 with $24,443 in assets and $6,378 in liabilities. The majority of the liabilities are at 0% interest.

Monday, July 29, 2019

July 2019 Buys

It's nearing the end of the month and as I don't see myself purchasing into any additional positions, here are my purchases for the month of July 2019. Heavy investment into both stocks and alternatives:

Positions Added/Increased:

This is the first time that I have increased in one of my initial positions and it was to increase my OXY position. I'm not an expert nor a financial advisor, but examining the news regarding their recent woes re: Anadarko seems more short-term. So i've increased my position at what I believe is a great price.

I've done a decent amount of research into Fundrise which makes me believe that my investment here is well-served as a balance against the stock market. One of the main cons of Fundrise investments is that it is not as liquid as investing in publicly traded stocks. However, I strongly believe in their business approach and invested an additional $5,000.0  into the platform to bring my invested position to exactly $10,000.00. It will be interesting to see how my investment here stacks up against my DGI portfolio. I don't plan on increasing my position in Fundrise other than for reinvested dividends.

Future Plans:

As noted earlier, July was a month of heavy investment and not at a particularly advantageous time as I see it. However, my cash flow is significant currently (and this fluctuates wildly) so it's a good time to constantly buy and hold for the long run. I still plan on increasing my positions by $1,100.00 minimum every month. I also plan on building my cash holdings so that I can purchase more assets for my rental business. Each purchase usually costs between $5,000.00 and $15,000.00, so my cash holdings may increase in the short-term.

Also, I may try and hold additional cash for when the market "inevitably" dips sometime this year.

Best Regards and hope the 3rd quarter brings more incremental but exciting developments for all.

Monday, July 8, 2019

June 2019 Portfolio Report


My second report of the year, with some significant additional funding to jump-start my monthly passive income growth. June was a swingy yet ultimately positive month for my portfolio, although I don't think the optimism can continue. Whether the stock market does fall sharply or recess, I'm excited to see what value I can find to add to my principal. I am currently creating strong positive cashflow through my work so I'm always looking for "value"able positions to inject additional funds in.

As of the end of June 2019, here are my holdings:

As you can see, the value of my stock portfolio is now $11,330.89, and increase of $1,283.45 from my last month's total of $10,047.44. I did transfer another $1,000.00 into the portfolio which was used to invest in another position, but the combination of increasing prices and dividends did net me $283.45. Let's hope next month also positively reinforces my portfolio!


In June 2019 I introduced one new position into my portfolio in Archer Daniels Midland Co (ADM); 24 shares at a cost basis of $961.59 which comes out to $40.07/share. Just rounding/diversifying my portfolio. The plan this year is to inject at least $1,000.00/mo. into the portfolio.

Dividend Income Update:

I had four companies pay me out in dividends to the tune of $32.18. All dividends are automatically reinvested.
  • $6.71 -    JNJ
  • $3.43 -    O
  • $14.40 -  CWENA
  • $7.64 -    PEP

Other Passive Income:


My investments sit at $1,001.65. My principal investment into this platform was $1,000.00 in May 2019. All dividends are automatically reinvested and my current allocation is geared towards income.


My investments sit at $1,426.01. My principal investment into this platform was $1,250.00 in June 2017. All dividends are automatically reinvested.

Rental Business

Reduced my stake in my rental business, but the income stayed consistent. I started this business in March 2019 and I currently have invested $5,000.00 in the business and received an additional $225 of income in June. My current income balance is $1,279. Current estimated ROI is 54% per year as long as no additional expenses occur. Unfortunately the nature of this business are occasional expenses so I anticipate my ROI to be in the 30%-40% range. So far I'm ahead of schedule!

Current Net Worth:

Last month's net worth I approximated to be around $8,735. Work has been going well and I have definitely been spending less than I earn. My current net worth is ~$18,370 with $26,685 in assets and $8,316 in liabilities. Once again, the large majority of my liabilities I am paying 0% interest on.


Hope everyone's June was also positive and I'll be back with another post before the end of July (I hope). Until then...

Best Regards!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

May 2019 Portfolio Report and Introduction

After a long while of not posting, here is my first monthly report. Since it's the first report, let's begin with a broad overview of my current assets/holdings.

General Overview:

I am currently finishing up my base foundation in my DGI (Dividend Growth Investing) portfolio and other passive income pursuits so that there is at least a minimal level I can report about.

As of today, here are my stock holdings:

I've invested a total of $10,000.00 in seed money into these holdings, the cost/basis include automatic dividend reinvestments and fees. The platform I use currently is Charles Schwab as its easy to use and their customer service is in my opinion unparalleled. For comparison, I am investing an additional 10% of what I invest into my DGI holdings into another account managed by Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, which is their robo-advisor. I have the settings for that account set at most aggressive (so less than 6% held in cash). The current value of that account is $1,003.09.

As you can see, my stocks are somewhat diversified, but I have gaping holes in certain sectors which I will try and remedy within the coming years.

Stock Portfolio Update:

In May 2019 I added new positions in Starbucks Corp (SBUX)(6 shares at a cost basis of $456.37), Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM)(14 shares at a cost basis of $1,011.92), Pepsico Inc (PEP)(8 shares at a cost basis of $1,026.04), and Brown Forman (BFB)(19 shares at $968.88).

I fully closed positions in Macquarie Group (MQBKY) and Bluebird (BLUE). BLUE was a speculative holding that did not pan out and was not consistent with DGI principles. MQBKY did not allow automatic reinvestment of dividends which I insist on in any DGI strategy.

Crowdfunding Update:

I also made a $1,250.00 investment into RealtyMogul in June of 2017. The current value of that investment (with auto-reinvestment of proceeds) is currently $1,416.41.

I also initiated a $1,000.00 investment into the Fundrise platform this month. The current value of that investment (with auto-reinvestment of proceeds) is somehow negative at $999.15. Not quite the auspicious start I was looking for. Be aware that these eREIT sites have holding periods in which they will not pay you out your entire amount that can last years before investing into these accounts. I will get some sort of pay-off if you do sign up for Fundrise from my link above. In the form of fee reductions, but please stand disclosed.

Dividend Income Update:

My first reported dividend income comes from three stocks for a total of $20.18.

  • $7.26 - T
  • $9.50 - CVS
  • $3.42 - O
Not too bad, right?

Alternative Passive Income:

I am always on the lookout for other passive income avenues as well. I recently have entered into the equipment rental business which looks rather promising currently. Although not quite a "passive income" business, the time I spend on it is less than an hour a week. I have currently invested $7,000.00 into the business and am receiving $225 dollars of income per month. The current return is much better than the stock market but is of course much riskier. The biggest risks in this business is the depreciation of the equipment purchased and maintenance of the equipment. I estimate that my ROI per year will be around 30-40%.

Current Net Worth:

Almost 100% of my net worth is currently invested as I work and receive sufficient income to pay for all my expenses and to invest with. Currently, my assets are valued at $14,977.56. This does not include my capital investment into my equipment rental business as that is not easily liquidated and is currently depreciating. It also does not include my main bank account holdings for my daily expenses but does include the cash holdings in my investments accounts. My liabilities are currently at $6,242.00. The majority of this debt is from a $5,000.00 loan current at 0% APR that I used to fund the equipment rental business. The rest of the liabilities are paid of every month so that I make minimal interest payments. My current net worth is $8,735.56.

I hope everyone is having a great month and may June be even more in your favor.

Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Ruminations and 2019 Resolutions

Another year of goals/resolution I hope to achieve. Some are more easily accomplished than others. I find including a mixture of easy to reach and hard to achieve resolutions results in at least a happier conclusion to the year.

2019 Goals:

    • $50,000.00 Net Worth
      • $20,000.00 in "stocks"
      • $5,000.00 in non-traditional investments (eREITs/crowdfunding, etc.)
      • $15,000.00 in non-traditional small business investments
      • 10,000.00 liquid for emergencies + investment opportunities.
    • "Passive Income" of $750/mo. from all investments.
    • Earn $60,000.00 in traditional small business income.
    • Take home $100,000.00 in income.
    • Weigh under 180lbs. through a combination of diet and exercise
    • Comprehensive physical check-up including blood test
    • Consistent physical activity a few days a week.
  • INTELLECTUAL (Success would be to accomplish 1 of the below)
    • Apply and be accepted to teach as adjunct faculty anywhere.
    • Apply and begin masters/PhD program in a desired area.
    • Write 50 pages of a fantasy/wuxia/xanxia novel.
    • Learn/take classes in programming/coding/website development.