Thursday, March 12, 2020

February 2020 Portfolio Report

Points of Interest

  • February 2020 represents the beginning of the great market crash of 2020 due to the "one-two punch" of coronavirus/COVID-19 fears and oil wars.
  • As a mostly DGI-focused strategy however, crashes and panic are the signals to buy undervalued positions. Nobody can predict the future, so dollar-cost averaging is a decent alternative.
  • Made some buys/sells to really focus on core positions.
  • Diversified my investing platforms this year to include Fidelity fractional-share investing and M1 Finance.
  • $93.47 worth of dividends earned and reinvested.

The start of the year has been busy and action-packed both on and off the market. As a small business owner, the beginning of the year really revolves around planning for increasing revenues and profits and preparation for taxes. That's taken a majority of my time and so I haven't had the sense of mind to really focus on my portfolio reports.

The stock market has been busy as well. As of today, the market has crashed around 25% from recent highs, plunging the US market into a swift bear market. Today's single-day drop was the worst since 1987, and comparable to the Great Depression drops of the 1920s-30s. But what does this mean for an investor such as myself? My portfolio has swung around about $10,000, but I'm not too worried about that. As an investor focusing on purchasing stakes in companies I believe are strong enough to weather through these types of storms, these types of drops represent an opportunity to buy. However, beware paper tiger companies that look strong during bull markets but are shaky. I myself have made this same mistake in my continued deepening position in OXY. We all make mistakes, but the key is to learn from them. In this case, I've learned that I should really focus on growing my core positions in companies with rock-solid financials, wide moats, and plenty of leeway when things go terribly wrong.

Diversification of Platforms

On another note, I made the decision to diversify the platforms I invest through. As anyone who has read previous posts will already know, my main brokerage account is Schwab. Schwab has, in my experience and opinion, the best overall experience for any serious investor. They are not paying me and I have not been paid to say this. Their app is great, their website is better, and they even have a tab for us DGI investors which will show the current year's month-to-month dividend income breakdown as well as a projection for the following 12 months.

However, for my Roth IRA, which I had with Schwab's robo-advisor, I wanted greater control and flexibility in my investment options. Furthermore, I wanted to be able to purchase fractional shares of companies as some share prices were high (Amazon!). So I did some research and opened an HSA with Fidelity and transferred my Roth to M1 Finance. Going over the differences of each platform as compared to Schwab will be the subject of a future post (I hope), but suffice to say that Schwab is still the best overall in terms of customer service and ease of use. Fidelity and M1 Finance do have their good points however, and I plan on keeping those accounts for the foreseeable future.

Now to my dividends...


Totaling: $93.47

No dividends in my M1 Finance or Fidelity portfolios (yet!).


I'll keep this part brief. I furthered my positions in EPD, DIS, SBUX, and OXY (ouch!). Note, my further additions into OXY were prior to the massive oil war between OPEC and Russia and their subsequent reduction in dividend. At this point, OXY is down over 70% and my dollar value in the company is low compared to the action capital invested into it. My decision in regards to OXY is to keep it as is and not to invest additional capital into it. Best case scenario is it shapes back up like KMI did and regains value as a dividend stock and just in general.

I invested $4400 of additional capital in February. Probably pulled the trigger too early but we'll see. I'll be investing additional capital in the coming days as well.

Other Investments

Current Value
Fundrise: $10,658.35
RealtyMogul: $1,503.77

Monday, March 2, 2020

January 2020 (mini) Dividend Report

2020 has been a busy year to say the least. There's no real post for January but I did want to make sure there was a record in place for dividends and stocks purchased. So here it is:

Dividends Paid and Reinvested:

ADP - .91
BFB - 3.33
PEP - 7.75
MO - 19.70
PM - 14.25
FRT - 7.61
OXY - 29.29
O - 3.53

Total $86.37

Note: This does not include my Roth and/or my HSA.

Stocks purchased:

That's it. Look forward to the February 2020 Dividend Report for a more in-depth update!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

December 2019 Portfolio Report (End of the Year Review)


Releasing this report early as all distributions have been made and well, it's the end of the year!

December 2019 Summary:

  • Equity Portfolio Value is at $24,757.68.
  • $84.02 dividends received.
  • $471.91 received Year-To-Date.
  • New initial positions in ADP, SCHD, V, TXN, EV; added shares in EPD, OXY.
  • Will be divesting shares in IBM, XOM.

XOM: $12.33
IBM: $8.15
JNJ: $6.80
ADM: $8.47
O: $3.51
CWENA: $14.75
NEE: $3.75
SCHD: $0.47

Total: $84.02 (all dividends reinvested)

Other Investments (Current Value)

RealtyMogul: $1,476.67

Fundrise: $10,365.67

End of the Year Review/Ramblings

It's been quite a year for me. With respect to personal life, started a great relationship which I hope will last forever (however long that may be). This has taken a lot of my "free" time which has led to me being more efficient with my time and prioritizing. Health-wise, I did not come near my goal of hitting 180lbs., closest I got was 186. I have been much more active however and feel good! Work-wise, contrary to plans I eliminated one of my primary income sources, which reduced my income but really increased my happiness and lifestyle.

Looking back at my financial goals, I accomplished some and failed others. Although it is nice to set goals and strive towards them, my financial mind has matured and the goals I had then compared to now is quite different. My equity portfolio is current over $24,000.00; my eREIT investments are over $11,000.00. I was short of $500.00 in dividend income this year but my projected income for the next year is $942.38. My trailer rental business has been put on pause (although I did receive $500.00 last month!).

At the start of the year, I thought that I would focus mostly on investing in DGI-centric portfolio...and that's it. A year later, although that is still a large part of my investing philosophy, I've dived into eREITs and other alternative investments which I believe have become a substantial part of my financial philosophy. 

The goal hasn't changed. I'm still striving for financial independence as soon as I can. I'm not willing to sacrifice my current lifestyle and I'm always open to new non-traditional ways to pursue income and investing. Even if I reached FI tomorrow, I wouldn't stop working as work does satiate a part of my life and desires. Rather financial independence would just open my options in pursuing my work the way I want it.

Anyways, if you read through all those ramblings, I'm sorry and I hope you enjoy your Christmas and rest of this year. Next post won't be up until 2020!

Best Regards,


Monday, December 2, 2019

November 2019 Portfolio Report


After further market research and scouting of other writers in this particular niche, I will be tweaking the layout and design of my articles for improved viewing pleasure.

November 2019 Summary:
  • November saw a positive gain of approximately 4% from all equity positions. This does not include additional cash infusions into these positions.
  • $66.33 was received as dividend income in.
  • $423.74 has been earned Year-To-Date.
  • New positions in CTSH, SBUX, NEE, EPD.
  • Divested position in CALM.
It's been almost one year since I re-resumed my investing journey. Soon I will be able to compare by year-over-year growth. Although my portfolio is not as robust as I had set my goal to, I am assured that I will soon be entering a new decade better than I began the last. As we enter the final month before the new decade, I wish greater health and fortune for myself and you all! Now onto my dividend income breakdown for this month:


(T) AT&T: $7.49

(CVS) CVS Health Corp: $9.67

(ABBV) Abbvie Inc: $36.61

(HRL) Hormel Foods Corp: $2.53

(O) Realty Incm Corp Reit: $3.50

(CTSH) Cognizant Tech Solu Class A: $1.60

(SBUX) Starbucks Corp: $4.93

Total: $66.33

All Dividends Reinvested.

Other Investments (Current Value)

RealtyMogul: $1,467.32

Fundrise: $10,308.87

Portfolio Recap:

I realize from reading my report that it can be hard to get a general overview of all of my investment assets so here is a summary. I'll try and work it into the meat of the report in the future. Here it is with a brief explanation:

$21,107.42 - MoonieDiv Portfolio: 

This holds all my traditional equity/stock positions. The majority of these positions follow the DGI spirit. I transfer a minimum of $1,000.00 into this account every month with the intent of investing those funds forthwith. Additional funds are invested into this account when I see an opportunity or have a surplus in cash holdings.

$2,111.86 - Robo Portfolio:

I invest $100.00 per month into this portfolio. This portfolio is "robo-advised" by Schwab Intelligent Portfolios and I use it as a baseline to compare how I am doing against AI.

$1,467.32 - RealtyMogul:

The current value of my investment into RealtyMogul, an eREIT fund. I deposited an initial position of $1,250.00 on June 29th, 2017. That comes out to about a 17% return over 2.5 years. I do not plan on adding additional capital here, but I am reinvesting the monthly dividends back into the account.

$10,308.87 - Fundrise:

The current value of my investment into Fundrise, another eREIT fund. I invested a total of $10,000.00 from May to October of this year into this investment platform and have reinvested all dividends. I am a bit more enthusiastic about this platform than RealtyMogul but have no plans currently to add additional capital other than having dividends automatically reinvested. I was recently offered a chance to invest in the internet IPO of the parent company but decided not to at this moment.

$1,729.00 - Trailer Rental Income:

The current amount I have received as rent on my trailer rental business since March of this year. I invested $5,000.00 into this business which I don't expect to receive back. I planned on earning a 30-40% return on my investment annually. I'm currently on track but the trucking industry in California has been decimated by USA/China trade wars and the enforcement of old and new trucking laws here. I don't believe my returns next year will be as great and these funds cannot be reinvested at the moment.

Ending Thoughts

I will be tweaking the layout of these reports as I work on improving my writing and design skills. Although I don't plan on making a living writing articles, it is something I enjoy doing at times. As I improve I plan on submitting future posts on a variety of sites if the opportunity arises. But those are thoughts for another day.

Happy Holidays and Best Regards!

Monday, November 4, 2019

October 2019 Portfolio Report

The screenshot says it all (almost!). September was a good month in terms of both capital gains and dividends.


Here are the dividends paid out last month:

BFB   - $ 3.16
PEP    - $ 7.70 (this was paid out 2019.09.30 but reinvested 2019.10.01)
MO    - $ 19.32
PM    - $ 14.04
FRT   - $7.55
OXY - $24.86
O      - $ 3.49

$ 72.42 - Total Dividends Received (not including PEP)

In addition, I have been inserting $1,100.00 in new capital every month at the minimum to further develop my portfolios. In September, I added another 14 shares of ABBV to my portfolio at $75.03 per share. $100 was added to my robo-advisor portfolio which currently has a value of $2,004.73. My current total exposure to the stock market from both portfolios stands at $21,563.57.

*Other Investments*

Fundrise account sitting at $10,235.11. RealtyMogul at $1,457.73. No current revenue in my rental business.


Only two months remain in 2019 and I'm genuinely surprised that I have continue to post on a "regular" basis. Looking back at my resolutions/goals, I will probably not hit $50,000.00 in Net Worth (not including cash for emergency fund and expenses). I do have some non-reserved cash on hand if any attractive investing opportunities arise. I was offered an opportunity to invest in Fundrise's iPO. I'm leaning towards not investing as that money would be more of a sunk cost until Fundrise as a real IPO on an exchange somewhere. Still debating though.

Well, until next month!